Now Beat Addiction is a specialist service created for current and former NBA professionals and other athletes in general who may be going through an addiction and need help. Over the years we have helped a large number of athletes overcome the struggles of an alcohol addiction with the use of holistic therapies and the 12 step programme.


Why Basketball?

Believe it or not, basketball has a problem with addictions of all kinds. We set up this service to provide a place where basketball professionals can help and support each other in recovery. By being around people who share the same interests, friendships form quickly and so does the recovery process. When experiencing addiction you can often feel lonely, like you are the only person experiencing this problem when in fact that is definitely not the case and by bringing you into an environment where you are surrounded by people who are currently doing or have done the same profession such as basketball shows is a powerful enough message to say that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


Do you help other athletes?

Our service is not just tailored to basketball professionals, we have helped athletes from many different sports including Football, Soccer, Tennis, Boxing, plus many more. The programmes we have put in place have been created especially for athletes, it involves a full detox of any harmful toxins from your system. As you may or may not know, the process of detoxification can take weeks and can involve some uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. We realise that this process of detox can be very time consuming for busy individuals such as athletes, this is why we have utilised a specialist treatment technique called NAD+ detox. This method of detox speeds up the process and helps provide an accelerated treatment solution that can help you recover in record time.


We keep everything strictly confidential

If you are currently playing basketball then there will be a high chance that you are keeping your addiction from your employers. This is completely understandable, this is why confidentiality is of the absolute utmost importance to us. All references to you will be kept in a secured folder which is only accessible to high authority individuals.