Being an athlete with a drug addiction can be quite a troublesome experience, this is due to the very real risk of losing your whole career that you have spent years working for and this can be very bad for your mental and physical state. We have set up a service that will give you the help you need without the risk of your employers or a member of the public finding out about your problem.

Whether you are a basketball professional or an athlete of any other sport we can provide a specialist service like no other to help beat your addiction in a private and confidential environment.


How would you treat my addiction?

The treatment programme we have created has been designed by professionals with years of experiencing in treating athletes with addictions. Treatment involves a full detoxification of any harmful toxins from your system, we use NAD+ treatment that provides an accelerated detox programme without experiencing harmful withdrawal symptoms that can make the process lengthy and uncomfortable. When you have completed this stage of your treatment you will then move onto counselling and therapy, this is where you will be able to speak about your addiction with other sports professionals who will be going through the same struggles. This stage of your treatment will also give you the tools needed for dealing with addiction after you have stopped receiving treatment.


Where is the centre?

Due to privacy, we would strongly recommend using a centre abroad. We offer offer treatment programmes that suit the type of treatment we life to offer, this is why we utilise many centres in the UK and in Spain.


Contact us

If you are an athlete that is dealing with an addiction to drugs then please get in touch with our team who can advise you on the best steps to take.