During your time with us we will be able to tell you about the life hacks you can start implementing to achieve long-lasting addiction recovery. The process of rehabilitation from your addiction can be a long one but having the knowledge about the steps you can take towards recovery is absolutely essential in a successful recovery.


What is the 12 step programme?

The 12 step programme is arguably one of the biggest hacks when dealing with addiction. The method was founded by Alcoholics Anonymous and has been treating people from addiction for years by healing the mind and soul of individuals. The process involves admitting to your addictive behaviours and believing that there is a ‘higher power’ which can provide you with the strength needed to overcome your addiction. The process also gives you the knowledge of a new way of life without dealing with the burden of addiction, its a powerful process that we strongly believe in. Speak to a member of our team to find out more.


Are there any other hacks?

We have plenty of hacks that you can start implementing straight after you leave one of our centres. In order for you to start using them, you will need to go through a successful detox to get rid of the last of the harmful toxins that are still in your system. Once the process of detoxification is done you can essentially ‘start from scratch’, a new beginning in your life starts from this point and we are here to give you all the life hacks you need to stay clean even after you are long done with treatment. If you are struggling with your new way of life after leaving the centre then you can simply get in touch with our aftercare team who can provide help and advice on how to overcome any temptations you may be dealing with.


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